Contraceptive Gel With 10 Pre-Filled Applicators

Product Description
  • For the Prevention of Pregnancy
  • For use with condom or alone with no hormonal side effects
  • One of the biggest benefits of options conceptrol vaginal contraceptive gel, prefilled applicators is that you can use the gel in a number of different ways. You can insert the gel directly into the vagina prior to intercourse without having to plan in advance or take a large amount of time away from the moment.
  • The contraceptive is also compatible with a diaphragm or a vaginal sponge, and it can also be utilized with a condom, as it will not cause latex or latex alternatives to break down.
  • Whether you choose to use it is a primary or secondary form of birth control, Options conceptrol vaginal contraceptive gel, prefilled Applicators provide a simple to use solution for your reproductive health needs.
  • The gel is already packaged in plastic applicators that make it very easy to administer a dose. After administration, you can simply toss the applicator away for simple clean-up.
  • The contraceptive gel formula is completely clear, so it will not stain clothing or bed linens. It is also unflavored.

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