Natural High Energy Panax Ginseng Extract(100mg,60 Softgels)

Product Description
  • Helps Alzheimer’s disease, evidence shows that taking panax ginseng root daily for 12 weeks can improve mental performance in people with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Taking panax ginseng by mouth seems to improve lung function and some symptoms of COPD
  • Helps support mental function, taking Panax ginseng by mouth might improve abstract thinking, mental arithmetic skills, and reaction times in healthy, middle-aged people but not in young adults
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED): taking Panax ginseng by mouth seems to improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction.
  • Helps with high blood pressure, early evidence shows that taking Panax ginseng might slightly decrease blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
  • Improve sexual arousal, taking korean red ginseng, a specific form of Panax ginseng, seems to improve sexual arousal and satisfaction in postmenopausal women. Also, using a specific product containing Korean red ginseng and other ingredients (ArginMax) seems to improve sexual desire in women.