Barley Grass(100 capsules)

Product Description
  • The plant species was used in the care of skin, liver, blood, and GI disorders.
  • Barley leaf extract has the ability to scavenge free radicals. Reactive oxygen species have been shown to play an important part in mediating the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and can be instrumental in the parthenogenesis of diseases such as rheumatoid synovitis, arthritis, and gout.
  • Barley grass extracts protect human tissue cells against carcinogens. In addition, antioxidants, including super-oxide dismutase, found in high concentrations in green barley juice protect against radiation and free radicals.
  • Cholesterol-lowering effects have been attributed to the beta-sitosterol components, in part. Beta-sitosterol is thought to act by inhibiting the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and accelerating its catabolism to bile acid.