Tongkat Ali 3000 Extreme Long Jack(60Capsules)Expires 08/18

Product Description
  • Also known as “long jack”
  • This helps to sustain an increased sexual-energy and mood in men.
  • Tongkat Ali is a unique power formula for men. It is a powerful herb from Malaysia that not only boosts your sexual energy but also endows you with an overall good physique.
  • It was used for centuries in Malaysia to treat ulcer and malaria and for sexual enhancement in men.
  • Acts by raising the body's testosterone level. Tongkat Ali also improves the functionality of male reproductive organs such as penile tissues and nerves, scrotum, testicles, seminal vesicles and prostate.
  • Tongat Ali has no known side effects unlike synthetic drugs. It can be consumed safely even in higher doses because of the reduced toxicity level. That is why this plant is multipurpose and almost priceless.
₦3,500.00 ₦8,980.00