Naturade Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix (1.2kg,40.6 Ounce)

Product Description
  • Amplify your Caloric Intake and Gain More Weight
  • Contains 21 grams of Carbs, 9 grams of Protein per serving.
  • Enhanced Calorie Absorption Formula.
  • It is Stimulant and Steroid-Free
  • Naturade Weight Gain with No Sugar Added is  naturally flavored, nutrient dense food formulated to help you magnify calorie intake and gain weight fast.
  • It provides balanced nutrition and is a food, not a dietary supplement.
  • Naturade Weight Gain enhances your body’s utilization of nutrients for optimal calorie absorption with 3 natural enzymes –Papain, Bromelain, and Pancreatin.
  • You can add over 1600 calories daily in a fast, safe way to supplement your balanced meal plan.
  • It’s important that you do not reduce your regular food intake