12pcs Vaginal Tightening/Shrink Insertion Capsule

Product Description
  • This vaginal Tightening softgels is made from extracts of purely natural Chinese herbs, traditional formula and scientific methodology.
  • It can amazingly enhance and tighten up women's overall muscles, foster blood circulation and metabolism so as to regain the natural contractions and elasticity of whole body muscles, especially effective for pelvic and vaginal flaccid muscles.
  • It is anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, eliminates the odor, sterilization, anti-pruritus, regulate menstruation and all kinds of vaginitis.

 Method of Usage

  1. Wash your hands, wear the sterile glove or fingerstall, then insert the soft gel into the vagina 7cm in depth. The softgel will dissolve automatically within 30 minutes.
  2. Softgel should be used 1 hour in advance so the capsule dissolves completely before sexual intercourse or 1 hour after sexual intercourse
  3. 1 softgel per day at the first course of treatment; then 1 softgel every 2 days,12 softgel is one course of treatment.


 1)    Insert into the vagina, do not take it orally.