Vaginal Fitting Insertions Tightening Tabs

Product Description
  • A vaginal fitting insertion is the easiest, safest and hygienic way to tighten the vagina with no fear of negative side effects.
  • These tablets are a 100% herbal formulation and works speedily.
  • The tablet works instantaneously as it dissolves and the tightening effects will last for 2-3 hours. Each tablet is tiny in size and can hardly be felt when inserted.
  •  Vagina discharge will vanish when the herbal capsules are inserted.
  • Having sexual intercourse is possible when the tablet is in the vagina, providing much ecstasy to both parties.
  • The Vaginal Tightening Tabs renews feminine sexuality to both full-grown and younger women.
  • Suitable for women who have slack vaginal muscles
  • For very good results, it should be used every three days to maintain virginal quality of the sexual organ.