100% Weight Loss Green Coffee Bean Extract(800mg,60Capsules)

Product Description
  • Green coffee beans are fresh coffee beans which have not been roasted. These are the 100% natural way to lose excess body weight, contain 100% pure and natural ingredients with no additives.
  • Green coffee bean max is a pure green coffee bean extract which is made up of all natural ingredients. It contains high amount of chlorogenic acid and antioxidants. It contains a perfect blend of natural ingredients so there are no side effects have been observed.
  • The supplement owes its effectiveness to the concentration of chlorogenic acid which has been shown effective in boosting the metabolism and encouraging weight loss.
  • When you take green coffee bean extract, the supplement acts as a stimulant, speeding up your body's system and causing your heart to pump more blood to your vital organs. Over time, use of this supplement may burn off excess fat and leave you slim and trim.