3d Extreme Modelling Bust Serum

Product Description
  • This unique technology is based on Volufiline, the serum instantly fills, sculpts and lifts the breasts.
  • Already after the first application, the serum builds a lifting micro-net, which acts like an “invisible bra”, giving an instant push-up effect.
  • The serum effectively combats the symptoms of sagging, loss of firmness and elasticity of the bust.
  • It enlarges the breasts, giving them a beautiful, rounded shape.
  • The product does not interact with the hormone system, it can be applied throughout the monthly cycle and during menopause, it is safe for the mammary glands.
  • Recommended for women who want to regain the youthful firmness and suppleness of their breasts – especially after breastfeeding period.


Massage the product delicately into the skin of the bust and décolleté twice a day (starting from the base of breasts and moving upwards). Not recommended for application during pregnancy and breastfeeding.