Calcium Carbonate Powder -250g

Product Description

Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound, commonly found in calcite, aragonite and in plant ashes, and a main component of shells of marine organisms, eggshells snails and pearls used especially in making lime and Portland cement and as a gastric antacid and in supplementing the bodily calcium stores. It is a white insoluble solid that occurs naturally as marble, chalk, calcite, limestone.

Calcium carbonate is water insoluble, colorless, crystalline, tasteless powder occurring naturally as chalk, calcite, aragonite, limestone, and marble, used widely in manufacturing of products like chalk, Portland cement, medicines, dentifrice, cosmetics products, toothpaste, white paint, and cleaning powder.

  • It is known in cosmetics industries for its absorbent strength, opacity, translucency and skin protecting properties. In the formulation of personal care products, toiletries, makeup products and cosmetics calcium carbonate is an active ingredient, it is used as a pigment extender, whitener, prolonger and oil absorber, it absorbs moisture in face powder, primers, foundation and finishing powders to upsurge the capacity of the makeup
  • Calcium carbonate is vital for the overall health of the skin. It is important in lipid barrier function, sebum regulation, stimulates anti-oxidant production and cellular turnover. It also helps keep infection at bay by maintaining the lipid level. Lack of calcium can lead to dry and flaky skin and premature aging.
  • When used in toothpastes, it enhances whiteness and also helps in preventing teeth corrosion.
  • It can also be used to reduce acidity in agriculture thereby absorbing water and adding calcium to the food products and also in sugar extraction.