Guar Gum Powder -100g

Product Description

Guar gum is a non-toxic polysaccharide which is considered as the best thickening, stabilizing and emulsifying addictive, only a small amount is needed to increase the viscosity of product because, it has 8times the water thickening potency of cornstarch. It has the ability to suspend solids, bind water through hydrogen, control the viscosity of aqueous solutions and form strong films.

It is also known as guaran that is composed of two sugars called mannose and galactose. A drought resistant plant of the pea family, obtained from the endosperm of guar seeds which is grown as a vegetable and fodder crop, obtained by grinding guar seeds which is used chiefly in the food, paper and cosmetic industries.

  • In making soap, lotion, cream and ointment; guar gum is used in achieving a better emulsification, thickener, as a stabilizer and as a whitening agent, its suggested rate of usage in a recipe is 2-5 percent.
  • Guar gum can be used in natural toothpaste recipes, in shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap recipes to increase the products viscosity and it allows solid particles to be suspended in the product.
  • Face masks are made from natural ingredients that helps to cleanse, nourish and to increase elasticity and guar gum is a very active ingredient due to its excellent conditioning properties.
  • It is used widely in cosmetic industry in making lipsticks, shampoos, face mask and all because it is a non-toxic emulsifier that binds liquids, helps in forming thick material and it increases the shelf life of skin care products.