Konjac Root (2000mg,180 Capsule)Expires 10/18

Product Description
  • Konjac has almost no calories, but is very high in fiber. Thus, it is often used as a diet food.
  • The dietary fiber from the root of Amorphophallus  konjac is used as a component of weight loss supplements.
  •  Konjac extract has effect on prevention and treatment of diabetes.
  • To prevent and reduce the incidence of intestinal system disease.
  •  Konjac can reduce the residence time of the harmful substances in the gastrointestinal, gall-hsiang, effectively protect the gastric mucosa, and clean the stomach wall.
  • Inhibition of cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, dilation of blood vessels, prevent of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disease.
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