Lemon Oil -30ml

Product Description

Lemon oil with botanical name Citrus limon, is known as one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world in which is best recognized for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body and extensively used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, purify skin, rejuvenate energy and fight bacteria and fungi.

  • Lemon oil has an astringent effects and known to be detoxifying in nature that is used as a remedy for restoring the luster of dull skin and rejuvenates sagging/tired looking skin.
  • The antiseptic properties in lemon oil also help in treating pimples and other skin conditions. It is also used to reduce excess oil on the body.
  • Lemon oil by nature is known by to be a calming oil, and thereby aids in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety, nervous tension, and dizziness. It has the capacity of refreshing the mind thereby creating a positive mindset and eradicating negative mind set/emotions.
  • Inhaling lemon oil can also help to increase concentration, keeps asthma under control by clearing the nasal passages and sinuses and alertness, in which is sometime used as a room freshener in offices to promote good air flow and steady breathing.
  • Lemon oil is been acknowledge as a delightful boost for the body’s immune system and further stimulates white bloods cells, therefore increasing the capability to fight off diseases.
  • Lemon oil is also recognized for its culinary purposes as it helps to treat various stomach disorders including indigestion, upset stomach, acidity, and cramps
  • Lemon oil is also known to be an effective oil for hair care, it helps to make the hair stronger, healthy, and shiny hair. The oil also help to get rid of dandruff.