Organic Bitter Leaf Herbal Tea(20bags)

Product Description

Bitter leaf is a green vegetable that is very rich in iron, calcium, phosphorous, fibers and vitamins; its bitter taste stimulates the taste bud thereby inducing salivation and aids digestion and absorption of nutrients.  It is used most commonly for cooking even though most of its nutrients are lost through that but there are other health benefits to gain apart from being used for cooking.

  • Bitter leaf tea is highly effective for detoxifying in removing all kinds of impurities and toxins from the liver, kidney as well as the lungs and the entire body.
  • It helps fight against prostate cancer which is more common in men above 40years resulting in difficulty and painful urination, as such better leaf drink helps in reducing pain, increase the flow of urine and regulates the spread of cells.
  • It enhances fertility by boosting the chances of pregnancy in women due to its detoxification power in preventing pollution of the antibodies that fights diseases, eliminate ovarian cyst and premature ovarian failure, it also regenerate and repair tissues.
  • Bitter leaf contains flavonoids, glucosides, diterpene so consumption of it helps clear and treat fever and its symptoms.
  • Lowers high blood pressure and reduces sugar level in the blood a great deal due to its bitter nature. It has andrographolide properties for sugar reduction, traces of potassium for hypertension, and it helps to detoxify the accumulated salt in the blood stream.
  • Good for the bones and teeth since it contains vitamin C, B1 for maintenance of bones and teeth and prevention of deficiencies associated with the essential vitamins.
  • It helps manage and prevents risk of cancer due to its presence of anti-cancer properties. Andrographolide, and labdane diterpenoid found in bitter leaf is a powerful cancer curative agent.