Organic Catnip Herb Capsules(100 Count)

Product Description
  • Catnip can provides stress relief and reduce chronic anxiety as an herbal remedy when taken as an herb. This can also help to reduce the secondary symptoms of chronic stress and strengthen the immune system.
  • Its sedative nature helps to slow down the body’s natural cycles and induce a calm, relaxed state. People are better able to sleep through the night for undisturbed, restful sleep. Consequently helping with insomnia.
  • Catnip is effective in clearing up digestive issues, especially constipation, excess flatulence, cramping and bloating. This relaxing, anti-inflammatory effects of catnip’s organic compounds can ease the knots and inflammation in your gastrointestinal system and relieve tightness and discomfort.
  • It has also proven to be very effective in the relieve of headaches, even chronic migraines.