Pure Moringa Herbal Tea (20bags)

Product Description

Moringa tea is made from the leaves of moringa  oleifera plant which is also popularly known as miracle tree, drumstick tree or the ben oil tree. It is used for disease prevention and treatment, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart diseases, liver diseases, skin, respiratory and digestive disorders among many others.

  • It is packed with antioxidants andAntioxidant in moringa includes vitamin C and beta-carotene which enhances the immune health; also chlorogenic acid which regulates blood sugar levels and guercetin for reducing high blood pressure.
  • Moringa tea may lower inflammation because it contains anti-inflammatory agents known as isothiocyanates, which helps to reduce the risk of chronic pain, stroke, high blood pressure and other health issues caused by inflammation.
  • It is nutrient packed because it is rich in vitamin C, A, and E; it is also rich in potassium, protein and calcium.
  • Moringa tea supports brain health, since it has high contents of vitamin C and E which helps to fights oxidation that can lead to improved brain functioning and neuron degeneration and also cognitive functioning like the treatment of Alzheimer’s.
  • It helps protect the liver with the help of its high concentrated polyphenols that protects liver against damages, oxidation and toxicity.
  • In healing wounds, moringa tea is very active because it has blood clotting properties which then speeds up its healing process.
  • It is effective against skin infections cause by fungi, digestive problem and also strains of bacterial that causes blood and urinary tract infection; moringa tea contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties to keep fight them.