Pure Orange Peel Powder (500grams)

Product Description

Orange is a very delicious fruit that is well known to have several health benefits, just like the fruit itself the peel has a higher concentration of vitamins, mineral and nutrients. Amongst many others, here are the benefits of orange peel.

  • Skin whitening is by far the top benefit of orange peel powder, its skin whitening property is like no other. Make a paste of orange peel powder, apply on your body and then rinse off after 2minutes and see the result.
  • It is a wonderful agent for exfoliating dead skin cells with its gentle abrasive texture, for more scrubbing action fine white sugar can be added to it.
  • Some kinds of bacterial, oily skin, and a wide variety of features can cause acne, orange peel powder can be used to disinfect the skin, reduce excess oil, fight acne bacterial, can be used to as a face scrub or cleaner, and also pimples.
  • Orange peels are used to fight off free radicals that causes premature aging and tightens up sagging skin due to its high amount of vitamin C that boosts collagen.
  • It is used to fade blemishes, dark spots and brightens complexions dues to its high whitening properties.