Pure Papaya Leaf tea (20bags)

Product Description

Pawpaw is scientifically known as Carica Papaya is commonly found in tropical regions. its evident that the fruit contains various nutrients along with anti-oxidant. Anti-cancer effects of papaya leaf tea may be due to the stimulation of immune cells that kill cancer cells from detoxification to cancer prevention. Pawpaw leaves are versatile option to protect your body. You can consume the tea when you have malaria and dengue fever for quick recover.

The Value Of Pawpaw Leaf tea contains Calcium 7%, Iron 5%, Magnesium 3%, Papin 3:3%, Phytonutrient 7%, Vitamin A 6%, Vitamin C 8%, Vitamin E 4%, Vitamin K 4%.

Helps Promote digestion: Pawpaw leaf tea contains an effective enzymes such as chymopapain, papain, protease, and amylase that aid digestion without hurting ones health in a natural way. The tea contain plenty of Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory properties that are good in reducing stomach and colon inflammation

Lowers the risk of Cancer: the pawpaw tea contains a compound called Acetogenin which can help lower the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic. It also offers anti –inflammation properties that help alleviate the infection and adverse effect of chemotherapy.

Keeps your lever healthy: Pawpaw leaf tea has a cleansing agent essential for the lever to avoid health damaging factors .

To treat menstrual pain in Women: Pawpaw leaf tea helps in relieving menstrual pain and menstrual flow, frequent intake of pawpaw leaf tea controls PMS symptoms ,Balances system hormones and regular disrupted cycles.

Helpful in Diabetes: Diabetes has a way of slowly killing your health for safety precaution you can avoid further complication. For example, the enzymes found in the leaves regulate the production of insulin and maintain sugar level in your blood stream. Also the anti-oxidants found in the leaves prevent organs from been affected.

To treat Malaria: Acetogenin found in pawpaw as a crucial role in treating malaria. Pawpaw leaves are loaded with anti-malaria properties, which stabilizes your condition without further issues.

It cures eczema: Eczema is a kind of skin inflammation its forms weeping, crusting, and itchy patches on your skin. Which makes you uncomfortable .Enriched with anti-inflammation properties pawpaw leaves becomes a safe source to treat eczema. You can consume it by boiling, drinking or bathing it.

It controls growth of bacterial: Excess bacterial in the body system contribute problems in the intestine, to avoid draining condition always put pawpaw leaves either in your food or drinks. The leaves contain 50 plus active compound that manages the level of good and bad bacterial in the body.

The compound found in pawpaw leaves are potent enough to keep health compilation at bay.