Tighten Up Shrink Creme(Expires 04/17)

Product Description
  • Tighten up Shrink Cream is made by the popular manufacturer California Exotics, It is made to tighten the vaginal skin which in turn can aid in sexual satisfaction and performance.
  • Tighten up Shrink Cream is paraben-free and is made with a patented formulation that’s designed to last long.
  • It doesn’t contain strong scents, which means that it’s gentle on your genitals.
  • The formula is water soluble and completely washable, it is unscented and is said to be long lasting. Among the ingredients used in the formula are Benzocaine, Triclosam, Perfecta Petrolalum and Distilled water.
  • If you plan on having intercourse with your partner, apply the cream 15 minutes before and Allow your skin to absorb it first for you to enjoy the full benefits.
₦2,500.00 ₦11,980.00