Titanium Oxide Powder -50g

Product Description

Titanium oxide is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium in which it contains a metals that helps to protect ones skin by blocking absorption of the sun UV light, and this can cause sun burn which may leads to skin cancer.

  • Titanium dioxide is commonly used as a thickener in cosmetic products.
  • It is also used as a bleaching and opacifying agent in porcelain enamels, giving them brightness, hardness and acid resistance.
  • Titanium oxide assist in whacking blemishes and brightening the skin.
  • Titanium oxide is also used as a thinner coating in make-up material for brightening and glowing.
  • Titanium aids to increase the opaqueness and decrease products formula transparency.
  • It also reflects, absorbs and disseminates light including UV radiation from the sun which may leads to products deterioration.
  • Titanium powder can be mixture with creams to reduce the risk of skin cancer.