Ultra Vein-Guard Leg Therapy Cream(2.25-Ounce)

Product Description
  • It relieves symptoms that can be associated with spider veins, bulging, bluish, lumpy varicose veins; aching, sore and swollen feet and legs, burning, stinging, itching, and crawling sensations, vein inflammation, Phlebitis (inflammation of veins, usually in legs), Ecchymosis (ruptured blood vessels).
  • Vein-Guard usually works by strengthening and toning blood vessels, relieving inflammation, and inhibiting vein swelling, enabling them to function properly.
  • Noticeable improvement in the appearance of your spider and varicose veins would occur in just a few weeks. Although the amount of time it takes to see satisfactory results may vary depending on the severity of the condition, skin’s thickness and skin type.
  • You may need to use Vein-Gard for 3-6 months for best results, but it should provide remarkable improvement with continued use.

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